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New – Artist’s edition, 3696 pictures:
‘Black & White’ with Friends
Photobook 2640 pictures:
Johnnie Walker on the beach
Francisco Paco Carrascosa
(*1958, Valencia/Spain and Zurich/Switzerland), works and lives in Zurich/Switzerland as a photographer and artist.

Academic & Career:
1983–87 Professional Photography Class, HGKZ
1987 Prize awarded for diploma thesis “Wie ein Golfplatz” (Like a Golf Course)
1987–89 Museum photographer at the Zurich Museum für Gestaltung
1989–90 Photographer for the daily newspaper Limmattaler Tagblatt
since 1990 Independent photographer and artist
since 2017 Photographer Tamedia, for the daily newspaper Zürcher Unterländer

Group Exhibitions:
2019 K Photobook Show: NIDA 2019, Amber Gallery-Museum, Lithuania, open call submission (shortlist 80 books, exhibition): “‘Black & White’ with Friends”, artist’s edition: 7 photobooks with 3696 pp.
2014 H Photobook Show/Doomed Gallery, London (GB), open call submission, “Johnnie Walker on the beach”
2014 F Photobook Show Tokyo/Japan, TIP (Tokyo Institute of Photography); “Johnnie Walker on the beach”, photo book with 2640 pages
2013 “Freunde im Bild” (friends in the image), Fotomuseum Winterthur Association presents portrait photos of annualy portrait sessions since 1993, modissa Zurich
2012 D Photobook Show Helsinki/FIN, “Johnnie Walker on the beach” Photobook Dummy (5 Vol., 2640 images)
2012 F/Stop in Leipzig – 5th Festival of Photography: “Johnnie Walker on the beach” (exhibition shortlist of 59 book dummies of 5th internat. Photobook Festival Kassel 2012)
2012 Center for Photography Le Bal, Paris: “Johnnie Walker on the beach” (5 Volumes), exhibition of 59 selected book dummies (Shortlist) of 5th intern. Photobook Festival 2012 Kassel (Dummy Award)
2011 “whiter than white/Richter's Heads” 2011, Art Scene Zürich 2011,
Zollfreilager-Albisrieden, Zurich

“Johnnie Walker on the beach” 2011, raum, Bern


“Johnnie Walker on the beach” 2011, message salon, Esther Eppstein,
Perla-Mode Zurich

“Saisonniers und Spiegelbilder” (seasonal workers & mirror-images), Installation 2011, erfolg | fenster the window gallery, Basel
2010 “where do you want to go?” – Museum Bärengasse Zurich
2008 “saisonniers” (seasonal workers), r a u m, Bern
2007 “Domestic Things”, HUB, Sleaford, UK
2007 “Domestic Things”, Gallery flow/London
2006 “Migration: Switzerland, a Building Site”, Exhibition by Verein
Migrationsmuseum Schweiz and Integration Basel; young Kosovo Albanians in
2006 “Preview – Tour through the 20th Century in Switzerland” at the
Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zurich.
2005 “Switzerland, a Building Site: Migration and Transculture” at the Toni-Areal,
2004 “JJ’s Journey”, exhibition at the Maag Areal to mark the DVD release of the film
“Venus Boyz” by Gabriel Baur, Zurich (onix film)
1998 “Morphing Systems”, KLINIK, Zurich
1998 publishing/exhibition of three books at own publisher’s “cola pece”: “BLIND” 2,
“Friedl’s Birthday”, “La Espina en la Flor”
1997 “World Glances” – Reportage Photography and Its Media at the Fotomuseum
1996 “The Class” – Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich (cat.), “Clot de la Font/2”
1993 “Clot de la font/1”, Galerie Kilchmann, Zurich
1992 “BLIND” – Young photography from Switzerland in Nuremberg/Erlangen
1989 “Important Pictures”, Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich (cat.)
1987 “Open End – Young Swiss Art”, Institut of modern Art, Nuremberg e.V. (cat.)

Solo Exhibitions:

“whiter than white”/ Richter’s heads”, Atelier-Kulturgut, Vehovar & Jauslin, Zurich


“whiter than white”/ Richter’s heads 2014”, Casa de la Cultura, Ayuntamiento de Tavernes de la Valldigna, Valencia (ES)


“whiter than white”/ Richter’s heads 2014” (Gerhard Richter), Universitad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)/Escuela Politécnica Superior de Gandía, Gandía/Valencia (ES)


“Johnnie Walker on the beach”, Gallery SO London (UK): Photomonth East London, International Photography Festival
“Johnnie Walker on the beach”, Museum Bärengasse Zurich/GASTHAUS ZUM BAEREN – programmed by Curating/ZHdK & W.I.R.E
“Johnnie Walker on the beach”: Satellite Station Center of Art and Parking: Shop location Keplerstr. 12, Saarbrücken, Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein
2007 “whiter than white”, r a u m, Bern
2003 Girlfriends in the Living Room, artist series/exhibitions by Emanuel Tschumi
with catalogue

Art in Construction:
2010 “whiter than white/roped team of climbers” – Shopping Centre Schönbühl, Lucerne; Holzer, Kobler Architekturen Zurich
2006/07 “whiter than white” – Bureau APH Architects, Zurich
2005 “Clot de la font/3”, Provisional Home for the Elderly, Triemli/APH Architects, Baden
1997 “Clot de la font/1&2” for CS Baden

2019 “‘Black & White’ with Friends” (2008–2018), Francisco Paco Carrascosa artist’s edition, photography 7 volumes at 528 pages in slipcase (each unique), text booklet at 28 pages (DE/EN), 3696 illustrations in color; back edited in De/En/Es/Fr/It/Jp/Ru; VFMK, Wien; Irene Jost (Ed.)
2015 Documentation of Open Curating Studio: Gasthaus zum Bären / Museum Bärengasse. January 2014 to March 2015
with events, Discussions, Screenings, Performances, Talks, Meetings (Ed. Dorothee Richter and the Postgraduate Programme in Curating (www.curating.org)
and the Webjournal www.on-curating.org), page 56–61: “Johnnie Walker on the beach”, Francisco Paco Carrascosa
print on demand (PDF)
2014 “Johnnie Walker on the beach” by Francisco Paco Carrascosa – a photographic narrative in 2640 images: 5 photo volumes of 528 pp., textbooklet 32pp., VfmK Nürnberg; Irene Jost (ed.)
2011 “Grundlagen der Gestaltung” (basics of design & layout), 4 Vol./ 1434 pages, – André Vladimir Heiz, Niggli Publisher Zurich
2007 Book on the exhibition “ALL WE NEED” in Esch/Belval, Luxumburg,
Holzer Kobler Architekturen & iart interactive (ed.), Lars Müller Publishers, Baden
2007 “A day in the life of”, portraits spanning more than 20 years “Das Magazin”;
selected by Walter Keller, portrait “Eduard Zimmermann” p. 297, Salis Verlag
2003/04 “Leute” (People), neue räume 2003, Stefan Zwicky
2003 Stefan Zwicky, Exhibition Architecture, Birkhäuser – Publishers for
Architecture Basel Boston Berlin / Frame Publishers Amsterdam
2002 “Emotional Landscapes”, Expo 02/Vehovar Jauslin Architects, Publisher Birkhäuser
2002 “in DETAIL, Japan Architecture”, Christian Schittich (ed.),
Birkhäuser Publisher, image 3.20/p. 40 «Tadao Ando – Church of Light” (for Hochparterre magazine ZH/CH)
1998/99 “Saison 98/99”, Theater Basel, p. 42-51, comedy reportage
1990 Catalogue from the Institute of modern Art Nuremberg
No. 51/52, 90; “Echolot – a journey of images”, p. 33–37,
Francisco Paco Carrascosa + Mike Frei R.
1989 “Der Alltag” (Daily routine) – The sensation of the Habitual, no. 1/89,
“Wie ein Golfplatz” (Like a golf course) p. 140, Walter Keller (ed.)
1989 Catalogue from the Institute of modern Art Nuremberg 49/50, 89 (ed.); “beach sketches”, p. 14–19; from the item: They write in images: three new discoveries from Switzerland (Carrascosa, Frei, Voser)
1988 Catalogue from the Institute of modern Art Nuremberg. 43/44, 88 (ed.), “Blinks of an eye – on tour with a camera”, p. 20– 23
1985 “Der Alltag” (Daily routine) – The sensation of the Habitual, no. 4/5, 85;
“Part body parts” p. 44–59, Walter Keller (ed.)

Current work – Artist’ Books, Photography
My long-term project is set to run for ten years and form a trilogy. The first part, “Johnnie Walker on the beach”, published in 2014, was dedicated to people. The second part, entitled ‘“Black & White’ with Friends”, follows animals and their tracks through the human world. The third part “Jack Daniels and Mister Freud” is dedicated to night-time and twilight. It is an encyclopaedic undertaking, spanning all continents, whose object is to gauge what it is to be human – today and right now and per se. People – animals – night: the inner logic of this ongoing narrative is as captivating as it is convincing.

Part 1: Johnnie Walker on the beach, realization from 2008–2014, published 2014 in an edition of 300 copies (five volumes, each of 528 pages; book launch, various eviews and exhibitions)
Part 2: 'Black & White' with Friends, realization from 2008–2018, published October 2019 in a limited edition of 150 copies (7 volumes, each of 528 pp.); VFMK, Vienna
Part 3: Jack Daniels and Mister Freud (in development)

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