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New – Artist’s edition, 3696 pictures:
‘Black & White’ with Friends
Photobook 2640 pictures:
Johnnie Walker on the beach

Irrespective of whether the input comes from outside or within: as a professional photographer my life is an ongoing pictorial reflection on the present.

My artistic contemplation of the mass media and their technological potential is of a personal nature; identity, migration and transformation are all part of my everyday life. My attention is therefore devoted in particular to the person who appears completely normal, to the pop-culture stage, to the globally aware, to everyday streets/sites/places. They are part of my research, of my untiring experimenting, of my artistic and professional creation.

Inspiring Assignments

– Portrait
– Staging
– Reports
– Print Media / Books / Editorial
– Corporate Imaging/Development
– Making-Of/Film/Video/Music
– Architecture
– Food
– Advertising
– Still Life

Own Initiative

Human Moments: Being on eye level, from an inner, lively human relation. Such is sleep, an intimate moment, the vulnerability and fragility of each individual in poetic directness and authenticity. The private sphere fuses and collides with the public one. “Before an object I am the one I consider myself to be, the one I would like to be seen as being, the one the photographer sees me as being and the one he uses in order to show his ability.” Quote: Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

Image Search: As a seeker, a traveller in time and space, I have been researching for 30 years, encountering moments, non-images, non-places, flotsam and jetsam, small worlds: small film-like picture stories emerge from the cities, from small places; testimony to everyday life, to the ugly and the familiar. Testimony to what people leave behind: I photograph the familiar, waste, seeming banalities such as everyday objects. Reading between the lines, inside becomes outside, small becomes large. Hyperrealism. Silence comes. For me as a Spaniard: whiter than white. More real than real.

Mass Media, the Reproducibility, Digitalisation and Still Life of the 21 Century: Conventional patterns of perception are reversed. When the viewer approaches the images, the reality-based large forms increasingly dissolve; the viewer is submerged into an ever more abstract world of nascent forms and colours that are reminiscent of bacteria and nebula, archetypes from micro and macro spheres. The blaring, translucent colours are nonetheless reminiscent of synthetic materials and chemicals, the inorganic world. The boundaries dividing the media blur; print, photography and painting appear to merge. In this inconceivability lies the seductive power which, even after multiple viewings, does not deplete. The most diverse modes of perception open up to the viewer a new sphere of association that can lead to art-historical, scientific or even philosophical speculation.

Identity: Anyone can be anything. Where the freedom of the individual begins and where it ends. Odyssey and universe. The question of social norms, the terms masculine/feminine, migration, becoming adult in different stages of life and in different life worlds.

Book Trips: Cinematic photography as a motion picture, told epically.